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Welcome to our Governors page, please see below for more information.

Current members of the Governing Body are shown below. All Governors, with the exception of the Headteacher, are appointed or elected for a period of four years.  This table will be updated when any details change.

NameAppointed/ Elected byFromToRecorded Declarations of Interests
Naomi Jn CharlesEx officio - Headteacher01/09/2016n/aNone
Aine HayesNominated by LA – appointed by Governing Body21/09/201720/09/2021None
Stacey SerdetStaff25/01/201824/01/2022None
Naveed Al-AhmedGoverning Body04/05/201603/05/2020None
Siobhan Crowther (Vice Chair)Governing Body25/01/201824/01/2022None
Uday Patel (Chair)Governing Body06/03/1905/03/23None
Julia ChiaGoverning Body06/03/1905/03/23

No Governors are Governors at any other school.

The Governing Body meet termly. Governors reviewed their Committee structure in February 2017, and Committees were re-named to better reflect their functions. There are three Committees, which meet on a termly basis. The Governing Body agree Terms of Reference for the Committees each year, in the Spring Term.

Governors are required to publish their attendance at full Governing Body meetings and Committee meetings for the last academic year. This requirement also applies to Governors who have stepped down (or completed their four year term) in the last twelve months. Governors no longer in post are listed at the bottom of the table below.

Governor attendance at meetings from September 2017 to July 2018

Governors are not all on every Committee, so greyed-out blocks below indicate that the Governor is not a member of that Committee.

NameNumber of full Governing Body meetings attendedNumber of Teaching, Learning & Outcomes Committee meetings attendedNumber of Resources & Premises Committee meetings attendedNumber of Welfare, Behaviour & Safeguarding Committee meetings attendedNumber of Pay Committee meetings attended
Naomi Jn Charles3 of 51 of 32 of 22 of 32 of 3
Aine Hayes5 of 53 of 32 of 23 of 3
Stacey Serdet2 of 32 of 21 of 21 of 2
Aisha Hanif4 of 52 of 22 of 33 of 3
Alison Perkins (Chair)5 of 52 of 31 of 22 of 32 of 3
Colin Smith4 of 52 of 31 of 22 of 3
Naveed Al-Ahmed3 of 52 of 23 of 32 of 3
Uday Patel4 of 52 of 3
Siobhan Crowther2 of 3
Nicola Wilkinson-Miah (Term ended 15/12/2017)1 of 21 of 11 of 1
Mark Dargan (Resigned 19/07/2018)1 of 53 of 33 of 3

Committee Structure and meetings prior between September 2016 and February 2017

The Finance Committee did not meet during this period.

NameNumber of Personnel & Pay Committee meetings attendedNumber of Curriculum Committee meetings attended
Naomi Jn Charles2 of 22 of 2
Nicola Wilkinson-Miah1 of 22 of 2
Aisha Hanif2 of 21 of 2
Alison Perkins (Chair)2 of 2
Colin Smith2 of 2
Naveed Al-Ahmed0 of 2
Mark Dargan
Aine Hayes (Term started 22/11/2016)
P Dodkins (Resigned 25/11/2016)
Neil Thomson (Resigned 03/02/2017)2 of 2
Rafael Echevarria (Resigned 08/03/2017)
Stacey Serdet (Resigned 31/05/2017)2 of 2
Mona Sheikh (Resigned 31/07/2017)1 of 2
Carolyn Shulkind (Term ended 31/08/2017)

Composition and Roles

The Governing Body of The Smallberry Green Primary School is (a mixture of parents, staff, members of the community and local authority appointments in line with our Instrument of Government which can be found here.

Within the Governing Body, named Governors take responsibility for specific areas. A list of our current Governors and their roles and responsibilities can be found at the above.

Each Governor has signed up to our Code of Practice which can be found here.

Skills, Experience and Expertise

Our Governing Body possesses a diverse range of personal and professional skills which they draw on in acting as a ‘critical friend’ to Smallberry Green.

Recent Activity

We play an active role in the life in the school and some recent activities include;

  • Articulating a new vision for the school encapsulated as “Be the best you can be.”
  • Working with the school’s senior leadership team to co-construct our school development plan.
  • Completing a comprehensive review of all of our school policies and updating and signing them off and reviewing on a regular basis.
  • Commencing a programme of visits (e.g. to see the new creative curriculum in action) in school to help us better understand how learning takes place and how the school operates in order to be a more effective Governing Body and to be able to make more insightful and impactful decisions. A copy of our school visits policy can be found here.
  • Participating in a joint Staff-Governors INSET day at the start of each academic year.


Linked to our vision for the school, all of our Governors consider themselves a leader of their own learning and regularly attend training in order to help the Governing Body play our role more effectively. Each Governor sets a personal training goal each year.

Expenses Policy for Governors

Our policy can be seen here.

Chair of Governors: Ms Alison Perkins