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It’s Official! Ofsted says that Smallberry Green children are ‘delightful’!

On Tuesday 16th January, an inspector from Ofsted came to Smallberry Green to see all of the learning that is going on at our school.

Today, we have been able to share the amazing letter that was sent to us about how great Smallberry Green children, staff and governors are! Smallberry Green is a good school.

Some highlights from the letter include:

‘Teachers give pupils clear guidance on how to make their work better. This is proving very helpful in ensuring that pupils, irrespective of their prior attainment, make good progress.’

‘The school has a very friendly atmosphere, and the pupils are delightful.’

‘[The children] told me that they feel safe in school and that bullying simply does not exist at the school. They clearly enjoy coming to school and have great confidence that the carpet cleaning services staff work hard to support their education and well-being. Pupils behave well and have very positive attitudes towards the school.’

To read the full letter, please go to the Ofsted page on our website.