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The Evergreen Centre


Evergreen is based at The Smallberry Green Primary School in Isleworth.

We are a specialist centre offering provision for children with a primary diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder, within the key stage 2 age range and who have a statement of special educational needs.

With a maximum of 8 children placed at any one time with two teachers and two teaching assistants, we are able to meet children’s individual needs by tailoring teaching and learning styles and providing highly structured, intensive support.

  • We welcome our children into a warm and friendly environment, with a well-established team of staff who are dedicated to providing excellent educational opportunities as well as high-level care and support.
  • We believe that children with autistic spectrum condition should have equal access to quality teaching and learning and the chance to forge and maintain positive relationships with adults and peers, whilst developing the necessary skills for them to lead fulfilling, independent lives.
  • We strive to promote communication, ensuring our children are comfortable and able to express their needs in a manner that suits each individual.
  • In essence, our aim is to remove the barriers to learning faced by many children with autism, in order to unlock their potential for achievement and happiness.
  • At Evergreen, we embrace the philosophy of integration by ensuring that our children are members of their school community and included in lessons and school activities with support and a great deal of consideration of their needs.
  • With strong foundations in learning, social skills and communication our children are able to grow and thrive as individuals, standing them in good stead to achieve the goal of independence.
  • To work in partnerships with families;
  • To work in partnerships with professionals;
  • To treat each child as an individual;
  • To offer children a broad and balanced curriculum, through excellent learning opportunities ;
  • To equip our children with the life skills needed to achieve independence and happiness;
  • To enhance the knowledge of all school staff and the wider community and influence awareness and understanding of autistic spectrum condition.