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Smallberry Green is now a 'cashless' school.


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Q.  How do I pay money to school for dinners/trips etc.?
A.  By using ParentPay.  When your child joins the school, we generate a user name and password to give you access to ParentPay.  You can link all your children on the same account and they will appear on separate tabs on the home page.  Trips are uploaded to the site as and when they come about, Meals must be ordered through the site and paid for where applicable.  Clubs will also be introduced to the site on a termly basis.
Smallberry Green is now a 'cashless' school.


For more information, please download the document at the bottom of this page


Q.  My child receives free meals, why do I have to use ParentPay?
A.  School meals must be ordered at least a fortnight in advance.  If you are entitled to free meals they must still be ordered.  When you save your order you will receive a message on screen saying that the booking is saved and no more.  If you doubt the booking is successful, you can always log in the following day.  If your ticks are still there on your selections, there has been no problem with the order and it is secure.  If payment had been required, it only saves the selections for 2 hours.  Plus, even if your child always bring a packed lunch, there will be trips or clubs to pay for via the ParentPay site.
Q.  Can I pay electronically or by card at the school office?
A.   You can pay by card in the comfort of your own home but if you have trouble with this action, you may certainly call on the assistance of the school office staff.
Q.  Can I buy uniform or book bags from the school office?
A.  No.  All uniform is purchased either from Sanco Schoolwear or Bang Bang Schoolwear – both shops are located in Bell Road, Hounslow.
We do not sell any items directly from school.