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Sounds Write is the new and exciting programme we use to teach phonics. Sounds Write offers a genuinely phonic approach to teach your children the skills they need to read, write and manipulate phonemes. We begin in Nursery with sounds and from there your children’s skills and knowledge are developed with the programme throughout the Early Years and into Key Stage 1.

Children are taught a 30 minute Sounds Write session every day in a fun and engaging classroom environment. During these sessions your children are exposed to the conceptual knowledge needed for reading and writing along with the skills. They are given the opportunity to use and apply these skills in our lively phonics sessions.

Using the Sounds Write approach children will learn that letter are symbols that represent sounds. Sounds can be spelled using more than one letter. The same sound can be spelled in more than one way and that many spellings can represent more than one sound. This knowledge is always taught alongside the skills of blending and segmenting.

We believe that this approach will create inspired readers and writers with a passion for phonics and literacy.