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PTA aka The Friends

At Smallberry Green we value parent support very highly.

Whether it is supporting the work we have done in class or at home, helping in school on special occasions with baking, art work or the retelling of folk tales, contributing to our fundraising or helping to bring about school policies.  Our Smallberry Green community is like an extended family.  Each person has their place, we get to know each others strengths and weaknesses and together we are a team!

The Friends have recently reformed and to keep up with modern day living, we communicate by text and email rather than holding formal meetings.  This decision was taken after it became too difficult in finding a mutually convenient time for parents to attend.  The system is working well. Comments and ideas are collated and shared among the group.  Events and workload are shared.  To join the Friends, indicate your interest and provide your email address to be added to the group.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Results of the survey taken on parental involvement - October 2015